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Commercial-Duty, Gasoline-Powered, Easy-to-Maneuver Cold Water Pressure Washer for Outdoor Cleaning

The Karcher industrial grade, commercial-duty, gas-powered, cold water, high pressure, power washers are unrivaled cold water cleaning machines. With the options offered as upgrades on other machines, standard, this will be the last pressure washer model your team will ever want to purchase. The industrial grade Karcher power washer series offers the ideal balance between professional performance and value. These cleaning machines get the job done, where ever your cleaning takes you.

The industrial grade cold water washer series sport reliable Honda engines, world renowned for life expectancy, efficiency, minimal maintenance, and rational cost. The power plant pushes Karcher's commercial direct-drive axial pump with 5-year warranty. The pump systems in these power washers are capable of producing pressures in excess of 3600 PSI with the right nozzle. These innovative, tested, and warranted pumps incorporate a swash-plate design, resulting in fewer moving parts. Fewer parts in the pump system than traditional designs means these power washers are smoother, quieter, and operate longer.

The rugged steel frame, with its hand-truck design and tubed pneumatic tires, is protected by an all-weather wrinkle coat. As an added bonus, the 9 and 13HP models come standard with a 100' hose reel.

Product Highlights

- Easy-Handling Handtruck
- Honda Engine
- Steel Chassis
- 50' Hose
- Pneumatic Tires

Typical Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Sidewalks, Stone
  • Light Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Roof, Gutters
  • Home Siding
  • Decks, Patios
  • Fences, Porches
  • Outdoor Furniture

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    22"L x 23"W x 35"H (42"H with hose reel)

    Why Karcher

    Karcher is the most trusted name in pressure washers- a fact confirmed when Karcher was the only brand selected to clean the famous Mount Rushmore National Monument in 2005.
    Founder Alfred Karcher invented hot water pressure washing in 1950. Today, as the world's largest manufacturer of pressure washer, Karcher is the recognized innovative leader in the industry with over 300 patents.


  • Easy-to-attach downstream detergent injector with brass soap nozzle
  • Warning and operating instructions in three languages for owner liability protection
  • Insulated stainless steel wand with quick-couple connectors for easy attachment of high-pressure nozzles
  • Safety thermal pump saver valve protects against hot-water damage by venting re-circulated water
  • 10" tubed pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering on all terrains and to absorb vibration; front-mounted rubber feet also absorb vibration and keep the unit from "walking" during operation
  • Rugged steel frame and power platform, with easy-to-maneuver hand truck design, is painted with a black, wrinkle-coat finish for all-weather protection
  • Five conveniently mounted, quick-couple spray nozzles for varying fan spray
  • Reliable Honda engine with two-year warranty, low-oil alert and silent-tone muffler; 9 and 13HP models have a EZ-start valve for resistance-free pull starting of engine
  • Three-piston, direct-drive Karcher axial pump with unique swash-plate design has fewer moving parts for a highly efficient, smooth and quiet operation; brass cylinder head ensures extra durability and extended life
  • Insulated, high-pressure trigger gun for hours of fatigue-free cleaning
  • 50' durable wire braid hose rated for 3000 or 4000 PSI
  • Inlet strainer protects pump from debris in the water source
  • Top-mounted 100' hose reel (comes standard only on 9 and 13HP models) simplifies clean up and reduces risk of high-pressure hose being damaged
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    Order No.






    Ship Wt

    HD 2.5/24 P 1.575-105.0 2.5 2400 Honda GC 5 Kärcher Axial 95 lbs
    HD 2.6/26 P 1.575-106.0 2.6 2600 Honda GC 6 Kärcher Axial 100 lbs
    HD 3.1/31 P 1.575-107.0 3.1 3100 Honda GX 9 Kärcher Axial 155 lbs
    HD 4.0/36 P 1.575-108.0 4.0 3600 Honda GX 13 Kärcher Axial 175 lbs

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